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Dwight Howard to the Thunder?

The NBA is back and with it brings about the always fun game of making up trades and trying to get the internet to pick them up and report them as true.  One of my goals with this blog (let’s be serious, my only goal) is to one day see a trade I made up reported on ESPN as a “unnamed source” with me and my keyboard being said source.

Why are fake NBA trades so much better as opposed to baseball, football, or soccer?  Trades in football rarely happen and generally in-season trades have little to no impact on the teams involved.  Baseball trades can be somewhat fun, but they’re diminished a little due to the fact that a single baseball player really isn’t worth all that much (damn you advance statistics), and of course in soccer players are just sold or bought like assets which makes transfer windows about as fun as a visit to the NYSE without getting the ungodly Christmas bonus.  With that said here’s three fake trades that should happen.

1. Kevin Durrant, Kendrick Perkins, Nate Robinson, Cole Adlrich, and 1st round pick to Magic fro Dwight Howard, JJ Redick, Ryan Anderson, and Turkoglu.

For the Thunder: Kevin Durrant is a great player but the Thunder now have two alpha dog scorers and only one ball.  Getting back Howard and being able to surround him and Westbrooke with shooters would make the Thunder a better offensive team and inserting Howard into a lineup with Ibaka, Sefolosha, and company would create a historically great defense.  Harden should be able to replace 75% of the offense on wing that Durrant gives them, and he seems like an after though when he shares the court with Durant and Westbrook now.

JJ Redick and Ryan Anderson would help to give the Thunder an outstanding bench and Redick’s contract expires in two years and by getting rid of Perkins big contract the Thunder might be better equipped to keep Ibaka and Harden to go along with two max contract players in Howard and Westbrook. As is they’ll probably have to choose between Ibaka and Harden in a few years since they’re paying Perkins almost 10 million per. The Thunder could keep Turkoglu this year or amnesty waive him now or next year to get his contract off the books.

After the trade the Thunder should try pursue a sweet shooting swing man like Aaron Affalo or Shane Battie.

PG: Westbrook, Maynor
SG: Harden, Redick
SF: Battie, Safalosha
PF: Ibakia, Anderson
C: Howard, Collison

This team is surely the favorites for the title next year and beyond.  

For the Magic: Howard doesn’t look to be staying and getting back they’re not going to do better than getting back another top five player.  After cutting Gilbert, they should be able to find a contender who needs Perkins and possibly Nelson.  They would then have a tremendous amount of cap room to a FA friendly destination and a top player in Durant signed for another five years after this.

2. Spurs Trades Tony Parker to Boston for Rajon Rondo

For the Celtics: The Celtics want to make a last run before completely rebuilding and they need another player who can create their own shoot to go along with Pierce since Allen and Garnett need most of their offense created for them.  The Celtics would be propping their window open for one more year and with Allen and KG’s contract expiring soon they could potentially trade Pierce and Parker in a few years time and completely rebuild for a new era.

For the Spurs: The Spurs are not going to win any more titles with their current core and Rondo wouldn’t change that but this would be a move that would maintain their playoff status as a team and give them a building block once Duncan and Ginobili retire.  A Rondo, Leonard, Splitter along with a scoring wing could maintain the Spurs long run of making the playoffs.

3. Suns Trade Steve Nash, Marcin Gortat, and Channing Fyre  to Grizzles for Marc Gasol (sign and trade) and a 1st round pick.

For the Grizzles: The Grizzles are going to be hard pressed to be able to pay Randolph, Gay, and Gasol at max or near max salaries to go along with Conley’s 10 million per year contract.  Replacing Gasol, who figures to make 13-15 million per this off-season with the much cheaper Gortat (around 7 million) gives the Grizzles a great low cost alternate.

Nash would improve the offense with his shooting and passing skills and with Conley as a backup Nash could play a friendlier amount of minutes per game in this year’s compressed schedule.  Having both PGs also allows the Grizzles to remain flexible at the trade deadline as they could trade one of the two if needed due to injury.  Channing Frye is a nice 4th big for the Griz and could provide some spacing skills when teams are collapsing the paint.

With Nash’s expiring contract, and the ability to amnesty Fry in a year or two the Griz would be able to keep a competitive core of Gortat, Randolph, Gay, and Conely without over extending themselves financially.

For the Suns: Nash is leaving in a year, and Gortat is an underrated player and a nice piece to have as a contending team, but the Suns won’t be good enough to utilize Gortat’s undervalued contract.

This trade would also do right by one of the franchises most popular players, as not many contending teams have the need or assets to trade for Nash.

Of course the biggest gain for the Suns would be getting back a top five center and a player who might be under used in Memphis. The Suns would also receive salary cap relief by ridding themselves of the Channing Fry contract and then using their amnesty on Josh Childress.

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  1. Moving to the Thunder wouldn't be following in the footsteps of Shaq. What top FA would the Magic be hoping to acquire to build around Durant?

    I like that trade for the Thunder more than the Magic. Thunder are instant contenders while the Magic are on the fringe and close to rebuilding around Durant. Thunder would be Western favorites.

  2. I disagree, this would be a great trade for the Magic. Since Dwight is more concerned about laughing it up and being a brand than winning championships this trade won't actually happen but whatever the Magic get in return won't come close to Kevin Durant.

    Think about some of the rumors right now. Brooke Lopez and a couple mid round picks? A soon to be highly overpaid DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and a 1st round pick. You would trade Brook Lopez, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and three first round picks combined for Kevin Durant.

    I think the Magic could attract free agents. It's warm, they have no state income tax and the last time they really had cap space they got two of the biggest free agents on the market that year in Grant Hill and Tracey McGrady so FAs have signed there before.

  3. I agree with Preston. Durant is better than anything else orlando will get. They can sign servicable big men and attract free agents who WILL want to play with Durant. If Howards leaving then Durant is THE superstar to build around. Best trade scenario you have made Preston.

  4. its not gonna happens howard coming to LA