Monday, October 31, 2011

Andy Reid Out in Philadelphia

As the NFL season progresses along, there are a handful of teams that are separating themselves from the pack as the worst in the league.  Whether they entered the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes, or their best efforts are just not good enough to win a single football game in this increasingly mediocre NFL, their poor results reflect heavily on the man in charge.  Whether it's warranted or not, there are at least 5 coaches in trouble after 8 weeks and I'm here to breakdown who's in the hottest water along with some darkhorse hot seat nominees.

Top 5 Coaches Occupying Hot Seats
Jim Caldwell (Indianapolis Colts) - Peyton Manning was obviously a huge part of the Colts' offense and they miss him more with every Curtis Painter interception.  After a 62-7 spanking at the hands of the new Orleans Saints, it was apparent that Peyton manning must have been a huge part of their defense too.  Given the Colts' horrible start to the season, is it unreasonable to assume that Peyton Manning was a huge part of the coaching staff as well?  Well, if that's the case, then what's the use of keeping Jim Caldwell?

Steve Spagnola (St. Louis Rams) - The Rams are finally off the snide after a big win over the new Orleans Saints this past weekend.  Is it a coincidence that this resurgent win comes on the same day that the newly dubbed World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals are occupying the Rams' sidelines?  Does anyone else have a strong suspicion that Tony La Russa actually managed this game?

Tony Sparano (Miami Dolphins) - Aside from the game they conceded 15 points in 2:37 and lost in OT, the Dolphins haven't looked comptitive in a single game this season (even when Henne was healthy).  It would be fun to see the team which boasts the biggest @$$ hole alumni ('72 Dolphins) go 0-16.  I believe, in a karmic sense, they are well overdue.

John Fox (Denver Broncos) - John Fox was put into a lose/lose situation at the beginning of this season, with pressure from the fans and the organization to start Tim Tebow at QB before the season ever started.  At the first sign of trouble with Orton, Fox was forced to pull the trigger prematurely and give the nation what they wanted (even if it's not necessarily what he wanted).  Tebow's first performance featured 58 minutes of horrid QB play which was eventually overshadowed by 2 minutes of decent play that resulted in a Broncos win.  His second game boasted a similar performance, but this time the score wasn't close enough for those last 2 minutes to matter.  Tebow sucks and John Fox will ultimately pay the price.

Jack Del Rio (Jacksonville Jaguars) - How does this man still have a job?  Since he started coaching the Jags in 2003, Del Rio hasn't led them to a single division title and has won just one playoff game.  For much of this period, he had the "Manning Excuse", but this year he has no excuse.  The division is wide open and the Jags are 2-6.

Dark Horse Hot Seaters
Andy Reid - The Eagles rebounded this week with a strong win against the Dallas Cowboys, following a dismal and shocking 1-4 start to the season, but I wouldn't say Reid is off the hook.  If the Eagles fail to make the playoffs after boasting such a strong lineup heading into the season, it will be time for Reid to go.  He's had a solid tenure, but at a certain point, the powers that be want to see rings and Reid has not been their guy.

Jason Garret (Dallas Cowboys) - This would be an interesting firing.  When the story leaks that Garret mailed in the offense last season to get Wade Phillips fired, coupled with the fact that he's not performing much better than his predecessor, he could be out at the end of the season.  Garret creepily looks like a young Jerry Jones, so that should go in his favor when decision time comes.

Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts) - If he's been coaching the Colts (as I've assumed in this post), he's doing a $hit job of it this year and deserves to be canned!

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  1. I think Colts keep Caldwell to the end of the year to try and lock up 0-16. I think they start a huge rebuilding process after this year, and make Manning a player coach for the last few years of his career.

    I agree with your La Russa idea. I think that's why he suddenly retired from the Cards. He's the de-facto head coach of the Rams!

    John Fox will get another year or so. They running Tebow out there just to show their fans that yes he's awful and we proved it. The Broncos really suck and Fox just got there so he can't be blamed.

    Jags too cheap to pay Del Rio to not coach.

    I think Garret the most interesting Dark Horse. The teams isn't that good, but they seem to lose almost every close one, and get blown out far too often. I don't think things will improve until Jerry Jones steps aside.