Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dwight Howard to the Thunder?

The NBA is back and with it brings about the always fun game of making up trades and trying to get the internet to pick them up and report them as true.  One of my goals with this blog (let’s be serious, my only goal) is to one day see a trade I made up reported on ESPN as a “unnamed source” with me and my keyboard being said source.

Why are fake NBA trades so much better as opposed to baseball, football, or soccer?  Trades in football rarely happen and generally in-season trades have little to no impact on the teams involved.  Baseball trades can be somewhat fun, but they’re diminished a little due to the fact that a single baseball player really isn’t worth all that much (damn you advance statistics), and of course in soccer players are just sold or bought like assets which makes transfer windows about as fun as a visit to the NYSE without getting the ungodly Christmas bonus.  With that said here’s three fake trades that should happen.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Could Arsenal go Down?

The international break gives us time to pause and reflect on the
Premier League table, so let’s take a look at the often neglected
bottom to see which supporters should start to worry about relegation
and which should relax a bit because while a low position is not
where their favorite club should finish.

Wigan (5pnts -13 G/D) Chances on going down: 95%

Bad team that barely and some might say undeservedly stayed up last
season is again in the thick of the relegation battle.  The least
talented of all premier league sides this club wouldn’t even be
favorites in the Championship.  Wigan’s had a nice run in the top
league, but there time is over and it will take a miracle or several
million pounds in January for this club to stay up.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Andy Reid Out in Philadelphia

As the NFL season progresses along, there are a handful of teams that are separating themselves from the pack as the worst in the league.  Whether they entered the "Suck for Luck" sweepstakes, or their best efforts are just not good enough to win a single football game in this increasingly mediocre NFL, their poor results reflect heavily on the man in charge.  Whether it's warranted or not, there are at least 5 coaches in trouble after 8 weeks and I'm here to breakdown who's in the hottest water along with some darkhorse hot seat nominees.

Top 5 Coaches Occupying Hot Seats
Jim Caldwell (Indianapolis Colts) - Peyton Manning was obviously a huge part of the Colts' offense and they miss him more with every Curtis Painter interception.  After a 62-7 spanking at the hands of the new Orleans Saints, it was apparent that Peyton manning must have been a huge part of their defense too.  Given the Colts' horrible start to the season, is it unreasonable to assume that Peyton Manning was a huge part of the coaching staff as well?  Well, if that's the case, then what's the use of keeping Jim Caldwell?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Notre Dame to the Big 12

With all the upheaval in college football lately, and more yet to come, there are two conferences that appear to be the biggest losers of the television money realignment, the Big 12 and Big East Conference.  Rumors are both conferences are trying desperately to cast aside the water on their sinking ships, the Big 12 by possibly luring Louisville or West Virginia, the Big East even more desperately by trying to add Boise State, Army, Navy, and a host of other non-BCS conference schools like UCF and East Carolina.  Both conferences moves look more like temporary bandages on mortal wounds that Nebraska, Colorado, and Missouri leaving the Big 12 and Pittsburgh and Syracuse leaving the already football weak Big East created. The Big 12 and Big East might make it a few more years but eventually they’ll be picked off by the four bigger conferences who will try to compete for the likes of Texas and Oklahoma, Rutgers, and WVU.